Make your own Olive Oil Soap

Olive Oil Soap




700g Palm Kernel Oil

200g Olive Oil

100g Coconut Oil

140g Caustic Soda


Heat Palm kernel, Olive and Coconut Oils slowly to melt together and cool until 45 °C.

In a separate container, add caustic soda to 320 tap water. Be careful not to allow mixture to contact skin or eyes.

When caustic soda has cooled down to 45 °C pour into Oil mix.  (Take note: Both have to be 45 °C when added together)

Now would be the time to add in any herbs or aromatic oils you desire.  If using essential oil add in 35ml.   And whizz with a stick blender in the same direction.

Pour into clean moulds (Use plastic/wood – NOT stainless steel moulds).

Leave to set for 8 hours and then can be cut if in a long mould.

Soap should be given 6 weeks to harden but can be used before.  Just means it’s softer.

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