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Bridget Pic Jan 09Bridget Kitley, well known for her incredible knowledge, has been growing a large variety of Herb Plants and Landscaping plants since 1985. Her Herb Garden at home is completely self sustainable growing all manner of Culinary, Medicinal and Insect repellent Plants. Her expertise in this field is an art and education. Her knowledge of herbs and how to use these fascinating plants in your everday lives will deepen your perceptions of honouring a natural lifestyle. Just using herbs in your daily meals everyday boosts immune system.

Planting the Fruit palletShe has very popular, regular, hands-on workshops at her home in Stellenbosch on a myriad of ‘how to’ topics,  She loves teaching people how to do all sorts of things with herbs,  Her bubbly and amusing personality makes the many Talks she gives informative and fun.  Recently Bridget has been making her own natural, NO ADDITIVES Herb Cosmetics, Body Creams For Humans and Animals and the results have been very successful with all kinds of skin and various skin problems.  If you would like to be on Bridget’s mailing list, please fill in the form on Contact Us then you will be in the loop for all kinds of events Bridget will be hosting.

BestOlive Oil Herb Soap, Soap Boxes, Herb Vinegars and Oils, made by Bridget is available to buy. Fresh unusual Herb Seed, Plants by Courier overnight for those of you who live further away and battle to find the more unusual Medicinal herbs is a huge success. So have a look at the stock list for those that need plants but cannot locate them nearby.

Creative Landscaper/designer fIMG_2017or many kinds of Gardens as well as Herb and Food Gardens. “Water is so precious! To plant a Herb and Food Garden to make use of valuable water is the most logical way to go” She says.  So much knowledge has been lost over the last century and especially now, people need to get back to learning to look after themselves as nature intended. Bridget hails from a farming background in Dorset, England. Her mother had an enormous herb, fruit tree and veggie garden and she says she has no clue how her mother managed it all by herself.   Very little was ever bought at the greengrocer as a result!

10600543_10152631238418726_6429890638161606703_nEarly in 2005, Whilst still owning Heiveld Herbs Nursery, Free Spirit filmed a series with Bridget and Ronald Ntlangano focusing on various plants, their uses and how to grow and use them. It was so popular that is was aired later in that year and again in 2006 on SABC 3.  Bridget does many talks with Tuis/Home especially at the CTICC in Cape Town.

Many NGO groups have benefitted from Bridget’s knowledge of how to plant and use their herb gardens. She is available to teach all age groups at schools to learn how to be self sustainable,  Children are fascinated with Herbs and their history as they all have a story behind them. She offers a service to train garden staff. This empowers your employees and gives them a good grounding not only to do their jobs well but to have pride in their work enabling them to take this knowledge to their homes and grow their own gardens for themselves and possibly any excess for sale to earn extra income.

1163 Ali in Zambia Dec 2015And Ali Baba, her daughters horse and Sybil Scribble, her beloved Ridgeback as well as her family and friends are the love of her life!!  By the way Southcross Ali Baba is now in the Zambian Equestrian Team!!

Consultations are free within Stellenbosch, Plans, design and Quote available on each individual basis and requirements therein.


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