About Us

Bridget Kitley is a household name when it comes to herbs and herbal products.  Bridget is passionate about the herbal products she developed and perfected, from pet shampoos to specialised cosmetics.

Bridget recently relocated to the UK, but the good news is, her products are still manufactured and sold in South Africa.  She has entrusted Didi Theron in Stellenbosch with her precious recipes and methods, to make sure all fans and customers of Bridget Kitley herbal products can still buy and order it in South Africa without any hassle.

Everything is still handmade with great care, according to Bidget’s specifications, with a focus on great quality at affordable prices.

If you are familiar with Bridget Kitley’s herbal products and want to order, please visit our web store and order as usual.  For newcomers, check out all Bridget’s products, videos as well as interesting and knowledgeable blog posts – you won’t be disappointed!

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