136All plants on the My Plant Stock can be overnight couriered to you. And everyone is asking for Horseradish, Salvia apiana (Which is a tad difficult to propagate but we plug on) – Holy Basil and the perennial Sacred basil!

Also, have a look at my Cosmetic Range.  Huge success with Bridget Kitley’s Herb Moisturizer.  I made it initially as a moisturizer, it’s incredibly nourishing leaving your skin feeling super moisturized and the cream is totally free of any additives!  Very affordable and can be couriered to you over night as well. And keep an eye out for products I make being added to the Cosmetic Range list! Soaps, Body Balms, Lip Balms all coming up and creams for animals as well, especially Horses and Dogs with that horrible itch.  Look at what people have to say about the cream!

The soil is removed from the plant and the roots are wrapped in damp tissue, making them lighter, the plant is trimmed to lessen stress, sealed in a plastic bag and into a jiffy bag, labelled and the courier comes the same day to pick up and the plants are on their way to you!  How cool is that!

On receiving your plants, plant them in quality potting soil in a large enough pot and water well.  They perk up in no time at all and can be planted out within 5 – 10 days, or just leave in the pot!

Email me on bridgetkitley@gmail.com for all queries within this regard.