Having an Eagle Weiss Beer and refreshing it was too!

A very Happy new year to all of You Lovelies!

2016 was a progressive year for me in as far I managed to get a lot of ‘ground work’ done now that I am focusing on my cosmetic range and growing, propagating unusual herbs.  I have managed to acquire a female hops which I am propagating.  The Roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa), The Cotton plant (Gossypium sp) I am not sure which variety it is as there are many, The Oreganum dictamus, (Dittany of Crete) Bolivian Coriander (Porophyllum ruderale) which has a unique spicy, deep coriander flavour and it’s hardy.  And I still grow for Wendy at Silverleaf in speedling trays.

In June last year DO Productions filmed the Pet Series for Bridget Kitley’s Herb Works on You Tube and then further on in August we filmed the Natural remedies series and Cosmetics.

Bridget Kitley’s Herb Works Videos on YOUTUBE

More filming will take place shortly and if you are subscribed, you will be notified automatically.  Sybil, my gorgeous Ridgie, was amazingly patient as my guinea pig in the Pet Series, she had all sorts of treats so she was a happy hound!

Here is the link to Bridget Kitley’s Herb Works:

My Cosmetic Range is increasing by the day.  There are so many products I am wanting to produce and it takes time to get around to it all, but I will get there.  Click on Cosmetics as I am busy updating all the products I make and it tells you all about them. I am distributing from home so far and all very reasonably priced.  Die Boord Pharmacy stock the range and this year I am looking for outlets or people who would like to sell the range from their homes. Email me if you are interested.

I am thinking and hoping that the Western Cape will have an abundance of rain this autumn as it 20170119_123916_resizedhas been dire.  The back of my garden looks like the Sahara Desert, just need a couple of Camels and a Bedouin Tent or two to complete the picture!  The front of my garden however is good.  I mulched in the winter last year. Spring I laid 200 micron plastic over the entire area where I wanted to move my mother stock and add new mummies.  Garden forked the plastic all over to create holes and cut the plastic length ways and sideways to plant, folding the corner pieces under the existing plastic.  Planted the plants and heavily mulched on top of the plastic and plants .  I water sparingly every 3 days. It maintains moisture with the plastic and the mulch an20170119_123930_resizedd doing well even in this heat we have been having. Still more mother plants to add, but I wait until we have a cooler day and then plant.

I am still taking on creative landscaping projects.  Will be hosting a workshop at least once a month. I am waiting for the western cape to wake up after the festive season! I need to know from you what it is you would like to learn:

How to propagate/sew/split and deal with the drought

Cosmetics – How to make

Making Household goods saving you a fortune.

Remedies for animals.

How to identify and use your Herb plants

Planting and using a medicinal garden

How to plan a herb garden taking into account of the water situation and planting in small spaces

That’s just a few to give you an idea and please let me know via email: what you would like to learn.

I truly wish you all an exceptional year and hope to see many of you soon!

Bestest wishes