Welcome to Culinary Herbs, how to grow and how to use.

Many of the common culinary herbs we use are indigenous to the Mediterranean region. A lot of our fragrant spices are indigenous to Asian countries which if one is living in the northern hemisphere it isn’t necessarily easy to mimic the climate to which they are indigenous.

Herbs as a rule need 5 hours morning sun.  They love wind circulation. The richer your soil is the better for all plants to be honest.  I add Vermigro (Pure worm droppings that is a compost) to my soil as it gives amazing results in lush growth, insect free and changes the dimension of all soils, holds moisture especially in drought conditions.

Salad and softer leaved herbs do need a little more moisture, especially in the hot sun.

Cutting back often is important.  It causes the plant to bush out and be healthier.  if you are not going to use all that is cut, leave to dry on a tray.