Vinegar infusion + how to make

HERB INFUSED VINEGARS:   Steeping herbs in vinegar is a wonderfully easy way to make flavourful dressings and gifts for fine food loving friends.   With a herbal vinegar, it is not that important which culinary herb you decide upon, as they all are very tasty when infused in a vinegar.  Many people think making a herb vinegar is hugely complicated, it’s not! It’s easy!! The important part is choosing good vinegar, like wine, apple, malt or balsamic vinegars. The spirit vinegars tend to be quite tart on the taste buds. One large 3 litre open necked jar. This is optional, the most important aspect is to have a wide necked jar with a lid. Collect your aromatic herb material, rinse leaves and literally pack into the large jar as full as possible.  By  adding colourful, edible flowers, the vinegar will take the colour from the flower or leaves, such as Dark Opal basil, the vinegar will extract the colour. Add the vinegar filling to the top. Replace the lid and leave in the sun for 5 – 7 days. If you prefer to have a stronger flavor to your vinegar, after two weeks take out the infused herb and add more fresh herb of the same and leave for a further two weeks in a sunny place. Strain the vinegar through a coffee filter into a funnel twice until vinegar is clear.

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