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IMG_2012  IMG_2013   Hello You Lovelies! What a sudden change 2016 has turned out to be for me!  Having had a Herb Nursery for the last 31 years, I have recently sold all of my herb plants to Silverleaf Nursery (see contact us for details).  I will still be very involved in the Herbs, I have all of the mother stock in my home garden, whereby I will be having regular workshops (there are four coming up in March and April so book your spot now) on using herbs, talks, continuing with my landscaping and making all my creams, lotions, potions, soaps, herb salts  plus many others and as and when I get more sorted I will be adding all of everything on this website for your perusal. I now have the privilege of dollying up my own garden and am so excited.  It is going to be completely re-vamped into a culinary, medicinal, insect repellent and FOOD garden! Go to my BLOG as I will be putting up photo’s, or I may get very daring and put up a video, which I shall attempt to edit, so that you can see how to, without digging up anything, make an instant garden in a flash.  This is done by layering newspaper and cardboard and anything vaguely related to an ex tree and then placing layers of organic matter on top and planting within that.  You will see how we do it.  We haven’t started yet but intend to within the next two days and it’s 29th February 2016 today!! the Daisy lawn to be covered is in the bottom picture here on this page, there are quite a few square metres which I consider to be pointless when I could be putting the soil to good use for food and herbs. Bernadine, my assistant at the nursery, is now in the garden cutting back, taking out plants that are not particularly useful in the herbal arena, and friends are replanting these in their own gardens.IMG_2011 My wish is that my garden becomes totally permacultured, thus saving water, re-generating the soil and having all of the micro-organisms in tact without being disturbed by digging. One hundred per cent organic.  Huge on saving money as well. All of the products I am producing are linked to the plants in my garden, so watch this space!! IMG_2014

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